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Permanent Make-up

It is extremely important once you have decided to commit to a Micro-blading or PMU treatment that you choose the right technician with the necessary experience and qualifications. The technician must be able to show you examples of the intricacy and accuracy of their work. It is also important that you understand and follow their aftercare instructions as this will dramatically improve the healed results.  


Micro-blading and PMU are completed in two stages:



The initial appointment which takes between 1 1/2hrs and 2hrs, this is where the shape is mapped out and the realistic strokes are created. Depending on the technique Micro-needles or a PMU machine are used to implant pigment into the skin once the area is numbed by using topical anaesthetic cream. After this first stage the results will appear darker and it is anticipated that the micro-blading or PMU will fade anywhere between 30% and 60% after healing.


The second appointment follows in about 4 to 6 weeks this is for the “top-up” where any pigment which has not registered is replaced and any gaps in between the strokes are filled, adjustments to shape can also be made. 

It is completely normal for a scab to form following treatment, you will be given aftercare ointment to take away with you.

Please note that if you don’t attend your complementary topup appointment with in the 8 week window you will incur a charge. 




(4-6 week topup included

Microneedles are used to implant pigment into the skin to mimic hairs creating more volume and filling out the brows (Lasts a year)


Lip Blush


(4-6 week topup included)

PMU machine is used to create a light tint colour over the lips, enhancing the shape and creating symmetry. Results give your lips a healthy youthful appearance (Lasts up to 2 years)




LVL lash lift is a revolutionary lash treatment that creates length, volume and lift with your own natural lashes. No mascara. No extentions. No Maintenance. (Lasts 6-8 weeks)


Hybrid Brows


(4-6 week topup included)

A combination of machine shading and microblading for a bolder more blended finish.

(Lasts around a year)


PMU Removal


(Multiple sessions will be required)

A gentle yet concentrated saline removal solution, used to lift, improve or remove bad or unwanted micro-blading, permanent makeup or scalp micro-pigmentation.


Returning clients annual topup prices


0-6 months



12-20 months



6-12 months



Over 20 months

Full price

Annual top-up prices are based on your last paid appointment.

If you require and extra top-up session in addition to your complementary 4-6 week session it will be £50.00 (it must be carried out 4-6 weeks after your first top-up)

If you would like to also add additional shading during your top-up it will be an additional £50.00

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